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Amy Howard One Step Paint

I actually loved this color so much that I contemplated just leaving my floors this color! It looked like slate tile and really looked awesome. But my heart’s desire was cement tile like these ones that I laid out.
Faux Cement Tile

I contacted StencilsOnline and had them create a custom stencil for me. I just uploaded a picture of the tile and gave them the dimensions of my tiles (12″). The were super efficient and amazing to work with. The stencils end up getting some wear and tear, so I ended up two more stencils for this project totaling around $90 with shipping. If you’re looking for this exact stencil design I shared a link to the PDF through the signup at the bottom of this page. Just enter your e-mail and you’ll receive it in your inbox! Then you can order it in any dimensions based off of your tile!How to Paint Cement Tile Floors

For the stenciling I used more One Step Paint, this time in the color “Bauhaus Buff“. I tried a few methods of brushing, but ended up used a 4″ roller to roll the stencil. How to Stencil Tile Floors

This was the SLOW painstaking work where I listened to every podcast under the sun. “Missing Richard Simmons”, “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey”, “Young House Love has a Podcast”, “Chris Loves Julia”, “Serial”, “One Extraordinary Podcast”, and “Tapestry” to be exact! I don’t even know how many hours went into stenciling. Painted Cement Tile FloorsHow to Paint Tile FloorFaux Cement Tile Stenciled Floor

After rolling all the stencils, I used two art brushes in black and white to touch up anywhere that the stencil had bled. How to Paint Stenciled Floors

As you can see at this point I still didn’t have the edges stenciled.How to Stencil Flooring

So I laid the stencil in those squares and traced the lines with a sharpie. Then I used the art brush to paint those tiles.Black and White Stenciled Floor

FINALLY when it was all done I sealed this floor like crazy with this sealer. Amy Howard also has a great sealer but it was out of stock at the time. Actually I sealed the black floor twice, then I sealed it twice more once it was stenciled. Then two more coats once I stenciled the edges. So it has a total of 6 coats of sealer! I sealed using a paint roller. Was it all worth it?? I’d say YES! Honestly I can probably give you a better answer once I know how it holds up over time. I’m hoping all that sealer pays off. **UPDATE** Check out this post to see how it held up!

Maybe you caught a glimpse of that barn door at the end of the hallway? I built it using this tutorial and hung it using my barn door hardware tutorial.Green Barn Door with Cement Tile Floor

Let’s get back to those beautiful floors though. I also carried them into our powder bathroom. Black and Green Bathroom with Cement Tile

Here’s a peek looking back towards the living room.Painted Faux Cement Tile

Here it is looking into the kitchen. I love this tile so much that I’m considering using the real cement tile as my kitchen backsplash.Cement Tile Hallway

Hopefully a new storm door is on our agenda for this summer, but this floor makes the entry so amazing!

I also LOVE the way that the new floor looks with my updated staircase. Because reveal week is next week, I don’t want to share too much of the mudroom, but the truth is that the floor isn’t even done in there yet! I’m waiting on my second and third stencil to arrive and then I’ll get that floor stenciled. The first too stencils were just too gunked up with paint to use. If you’re looking to see the prior week’s ORC posts you can find those here:

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Benjamin Moore Hidden Falls Barn Door

Just for dramatic effect, here are a few side by side “Before” and “Afters”. How to Paint Tile FloorsHOW to DIY Stenciled Faux Cement Tile Floors

Thank you so much for stopping by today! If you love this look, or hate your tile I think it’s a great solution. I want to thank Amy Howard for providing the paint for this project. I’ve used their paint time and time again and it is hands down my favorite paint.

**7/31/17** If you’re curious how this is holding up (and MANY people are), head to this post to read all about how it’s handling traffic and life under a family of five!

**To receive the PDF for the stencil, please enter your e-mail address in the form at the bottom of this e-mail. It will arrive within 24 hours in your inbox.**