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Easy Way to Instantly Relieve Worry and Anxiety


Touch This Spot to Relieve Worry or Insomnia

Combine long, deep breaths with the technique to decompress. Gently massaging Heart 7 will also stimulate it. Joseph explains that along with the emotional balance this method brings, it also aids in public speaking. Since Heart 7 is connected to the tongue, acupressure on this point promotes communication from the heart or smooths out nervous speech.Joseph also mentions that two people can utilize this in a heated exchange. Think about it: flared tempers, harsh words, and speaking out of anger. It makes sense that this method can help to cool tempers and arguments if you’re activating a sense of calm.When you need to tone down your nerves or perk up your spirits, practice this on yourself. You can also do this on both hands for more effectiveness. Knock the restless winds out of insomnia’s sails and get some sleep!This pressure point is recommended for beginners and those new to acupressure, as it’s powerful on its own and gentle on the system. You can add it to your wellness toolkit for when the need arises without worrying about crazy side effects or your wallet. Peep the whole video to learn the just-right touch for Heart 7.

Hey, it’s certainly worth a try to zap your insomnia or settling things down before you hit the pillow. Have you ever tried acupressure on yourself before? What do you think of this fix for anxiety, stress, or insomnia? Tell us in the comments!Source: Tiphero.com / Natural Health