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Simple French Crepes

The classic French crepes recipe you need in your life. Perfect for any occasion, they can be served with either a sweet or a savory toppings.

Crepes must be the very first recipe you learn as a kid in France, and also probably one of the first recipe you learn by heart (together with the yogurt cake – have you heard about it by the way?). School has started again everywhere now (whether you are in France, Sweden or the US), and we clearly feel a “back to school”/September weather, with a few slightly colored leaves showing up there and there. The temperatures are still hot here in Chicago but this back to school feeling hit anyway, and I felt like having crepes like kids would have after school.

But wait a minute: my blog is all about recipes with a twist, so why share such a classic recipe with basic ingredients? I’ve got 2 answers here: first of all, every family in France has its own crepes recipes, and there are as many crepes recipes as there are families in France. And then, I’m French, so I figured I should take part in the crepes debate and add my very own crepes recipe with you too. Are you in? Then follow me!

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