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Easy DIY Wood Crate Desk – Perfect for Homeschool

Do you need a homeschool desk or a desk for working from home? Build this simple wood crate desk! This easy DIY desk is cheap to build and has storage for school supplies and books.

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Before Picture

easy diy wood crate desk perfect for homeschool

Here’s what the space looked like before! It was just a simple little corner of the small studio apartment.

Step 1. Cut down plywood.

Start by cutting your plywood down to size with a table saw. We left ours at the 4 foot width and cut a piece 30″ deep, so the total size of the plywood sheet is 30″ x 48″. (See note below why I’d recommend that you cut it down to 31″ instead).

How to cut plywood without a table saw:

  • You can try getting the wood cut when you purchase at Home Depot or Lowe’s.
  • You can also use a circular saw with a rip fence, or a Kreg Rip-Cut Guide or clamp down another piece of wood to use a guide for your circular saw, which we did in this tutorial (see step in this post for pictures of how we set that up)

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