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DIY Stone Wall Accents

Now for the stunner. I can’t raise my ceilings, but I can trick the eye. My parents put tall mirrors in their bathroom and it made a HUGE difference. So I found these tall body mirrors on Facebook Marketplace for $10. I spray painted the frame in a champagne gold

Now, if you looked at the inspiration PIN there is marble surrounding the bed. I knew that I wanted floor to ceiling Faux Marble … but how… I decided to try my hand at Epoxy and create faux stone artwork using these Hollow Core Doors that I found for FREE on Facebook Marketplace. The doors are exactly the width that I needed to sit being my night stands and still reach the ceiling. They didn’t reach all the way to the floor, but the stands hid that! I used gorilla glue to glue the mirrors to the doors with the bottom being just above where the night stand will start… Don’t think I’m crazy yet… Keep going!

Next. I primed them both with a white primer. I mixed up epoxy and dyed it white, silver, gold, and black. The black was for the veins and the metallics for the swirls! I also mixed some silver and gold glitter for some sparkle!

I thought that the clear cast would level off where I patched the door knob hole… BUT it didn’t. This is my first time using casting resin and I did not think that through! You can see that square sticking out … that’s the door knob cover… In order to hide that I decided to add some Geode!

I just hot glued some crystals and then poured more clear cast over and let it set overnight.

You can see here on one of the doors I ran out of resin! That’s Okay! It will be covered by the night stand!



I hung the finished doors and the headboard with a French cleat. 18 inch for the doors and a 40 inch for the headboard.And here’s the final look! I love it.



Feels like a grown up room now 🙂 I will be redoing my night stands soon. Stripping them to bare wood and adding crystal hardware! Stay tuned!Lamps are upcycled and I will do a separate post on how I brought those back to life. Frames are from the dollar tree. Here’s a little before and after: