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DIY Mudroom Built In

On the left is my design for the space, I know super great artwork right? Scott’s is the one with math and all that fun stuff…The Build:
 First remove your baseboards
Build a frame for what I’ll just call the bench to sit on by screwing 2×4’s together and then screwing that into the walls. We always leave a message hidden behind every project we do.
Make sure you level this frame using shims if needed.
 The bench is made with plywood. That Scott screwed together to essential make a big (2 sided) box. We did not add a back to this because we will be doing drawers, if you will be making open cubbies you may want to add a 3rd side to this on the side that will be on the wall.
Measure for your cubbies. We will be using two pieces of plywood per divider because that is the thickness of the trim we will use so it gives it a nice flush chunky look. You will need to account for your dividers and sides when making your measurements to get the spacing correct.
For this project the dividers were just screwed from the top and bottom of the bench and not actually attached together. Another way of doing this is to pocket hole one piece of the plywood and secure that piece first than glue the other piece to the plywood with the pocket holes that way you have no visible pocket holes, this works great for bookcases but for this being a bench we wanted the added strength of having both pieces being secured.
You’ll sit the bench right on top of the frame
Scott had a pretty cute little assistant come to help with this.
Screw the bench into the frame. 4 screws per section
Add your trim to the base of the bench and on the dividers to cover up the two pieces of plywood, you could also reattach your base boards after this if you will be keeping them.
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