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DIY Cheap and Easy Shelves

Welcome to my new happy place! I’m so excited with how this turned out. It was a week long process to transform this space but it was ALL worth it. I wanted to create a calm and inspirational space for crafting/filming YouTube videos- stay tuned for those. 😉 The nice thing is that this space barely cost me that much money and I’m in love!

The Before

diy cheap and easy shelves
The BeforeThis space was okay before- dare I say boring. We have a large dining room that we barely use. It kinda turned into catch-all. I decided to move the table out of the middle of the room and on to one side, leaving a space for my new craft area. 🙌🏼 I wanted to create a feature wall above the desk that anchored the space. That’s where the shelves come into play. 😊

Wall ColorI did start this whole project out by freshening up with walls with Showcase in color Adley Grey from Lowe’s. I LOVE this paint and the color. I actually have used this color in three rooms now. It’s the perfect warm grey!

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