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Dijon Pork Tenderloin

The best thing about pork? When it’s good, IT’S REALLY GOOD! And that usually means that you really don’t have to doctor it too much. This is a really simple recipe that uses only dijon, garlic, bacon, honey, and of course: Pork Tenderloin.
You really can’t go wrong with the dijon pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon. The moistness that this hunk of meat will have will probably be inspiring!
The prep time for this is only 5 minutes! The rest is just cooking time. I love recipes where I can go off and do some other things such as blog posts, hanging with my love, or getting some homework done while everything is cooking and becoming delicious.
1.2 lb pork loin
8-12 slices of raw bacon
2 garlic cloves

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