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Cucumber Grape Salad

When you’re craving something fresh and crisp there’s nothing quite like a salad that combines typically “savory” vegetables with something sweet. This cucumber grape salad is the ideal combination of the two since cucumber tends to take on the flavors of whatever it touches. This is why they make such great pickles after all. Read on to find out what makes this salad so darn special (and why it’s a real crowd pleaser).

The key to this yummy recipe is the dressing. It’s got tanginess, sweetness, and a bit of interest from the poppy seeds.

The base is a mixture of Greek yogurt and honey, livened up with a bit of lemon juice and some apple cider vinegar. And, some black pepper keeps it interesting.

This salad is easiest to eat if you slice the cucumber thinly and in half and then also cut the grapes in half. This way your fork doesn’t bounce off of any grapes or a big chunk of cuke.

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