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Crescent Moon Window Shutters

Measure your window & create your shutter

Using pine wood cut out 4 pieces taking into account you need a little space between each shutter piece. Here’s how we did it- Measure the window width and divide by 4 then take off about 1/8″ between the frame, the first slat, then the next and so on so each has a little space between. Plane down as needed.

Print your pattern

At first I wanted a crescent moon and star but then decided to go with just the moon. For one it was easier to cut the moon and this was a first attempt at this type of shutter. Enlarge as needed.

Trace the pattern

Cut the pattern, tape it to the wood so it’s covering 2 center boards so the moon is split into 2 and trace it in pencil.

Cut your design out

Using a scroll saw, cut your moon out on one board then the other.

Smooth it out

Using a Dremel smooth the cuts you made.

Use a rattail file to get in the small point of the moon

Attach hinges

Attach your hinges connecting 2 boards for each side and you will have your matched set ready to hinge to the frame itself. You’ll need 8 hinges.

Admire what you’ve made!

I should say if you want to paint or stain your shutters do it before the hinges. I haven’t decided on a stain or color yet so am enjoying them au natural for now.

I hinged mine so that they “flip-flop” onto each other to take less space and lay flat as shown when open.

The room isn’t completely finished but it’s getting there. icon

Do you think I should paint or stain the shutters? If so what color? I’d love to hear your thoughts!