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Crazy Corn

I am not a fan of mayonnaise, but I could eat this corn ALL summer long! If you really hate mayo, you can sub it out with extra butter.
-Delicious but you can place three ears of corn on 9 minutes in your microwave and the silks and husks come off with no fuss nor muss…then I added the mayo tonys and cheese…works for me…
-Oh so good a lady with a push cart sell them at our Soccer field. I look for her when my granddaughters have games. Only difference she uses powdered cheese, the type you put on your pasta.
-Thanks everyone for your comments!! I’ve read through most of them, I’ve been so darned busy!~!
Oh soooooooooo good.
-what a fantastic way to prepare corn on the cob. I tried this out tonight on an ear of corn and look forward to sharing with my family. I know they are going to love it!!!

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