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Colorful Dresser Makeover

I’ve had this curvy French Provincial dresser for a couple months now and finally moved it to the top of my list and got it done! I really didn’t have too much of a plan or vision when I started and decided to just wing it and see what happened. I hope you like it!
colorful dresser makeover
This was my first time using the Homeright spray booth and I absolutely loved it! I paint outside and no matter how careful I am, I always manage to get overspray on something and this completely prevents it! This dresser had a fairly shiny finish so I started by sanding the entire piece (more so on the top though) with my random orbital sander.
Once I removed the sheen I thoroughly cleaned the entire piece and then went over it with a tack rag. If you’ve never used one before it’s an amazing tool to have if you paint furniture, especially if you spray. It removes and remaining dust or particles that you might have missed when cleaning.
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