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Chubby Hubby Bars

These are sweet and salty and very addicting!
-chubby hubby, chubby kids, chubby co-workers….sounds amazing. A great way to use up little bits of leftover chips. i have some toffee bits leftover so manybe i’ll throw them on top too.
-I was thinking butterscotch chips too, or those new lil caramel bits like the size of large BB’s…if you know what I’m talking about, they would be wonderful! I used to serve this bar with caramel sauce drizzled over top at my shop, if there were those bits in there then we wouldn’t need the caramel sauce…lol silly me of course we would! We could have both!!! lol
-I am allergic to peanut butter but am drooling over this picture. Can you recommend a good substitute for the peanut butter chips? I would love to make these!!!
-So, I tried a second time, same results. Threw it all out.The ingredients sound divine but the end result is dry, inedible. I almost gave up this site as fallout from telling it how it was was shocking. I think, as a cook and baker I like to hear the truth. I have made many a non palatable dish myself so I want consumers to tell me their honest opinions. I think that is what makes for a better cook.I am not looking for a debate as I have stated my honest opinion

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