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Chocolate Cherry Cola Cake

Doctoring up boxed cake mix is one of our favorite ways to get a unique and easy dessert, and this Chocolate Cherry Cola Cake is a shining example of just how utilizing a simple shortcut can lead to an irresistibly special treat. Rich and chocolatey, it’s also studded with tart pops of cherry, and topped with a quick, sweet marshmallow frosting that carries on the cherry flavor. It’s a chocolate and cherry cola mashup, and that combo is definitely something we’ve all been missing.

In just one bowl, you mix up Devil’s Food cake mix with eggs, oil, cherry cola, and a little bit of cherry juice, before folding in some maraschino cherries. After it comes out of the oven, you mix up an incredibly quick frosting – just marshmallow creme, butter, powdered sugar, and some fresh cherries – and spread it over the cake. The maraschino and fresh cherries play off of each other nicely and the rich chocolate flavor. It’s the kind of quick cake that’s sure to be a favorite!

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