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Chili Lime Sauce Makes EVERYTHING Taste Better

So my husband is actually of Venezuelan decent.  Although born here in the states, he has Hispanic blood running through his body.  It is actually quite funny because he does not look or act Hispanic at all.  The only resemblance he has to being Hispanic is his love for Hispanic food.  He absolutely adores everything from Venezuelan to Cuban to Peruvian food.  There are just so many different cultures involved that he absolutely loves all the different flavors and way to prepare things.

Well, with that being said, since he is Venezuelan, his favorite treat to enjoy (and I mean, he could eat it every single day), is arepas.  They are basically corn cakes made with ground cornmeal.  It is something that is somewhat like a salty, corn like looking biscuit.  Venezuelans eat one with almost every meal, but they eat it alone or with a few toppings for breakfast.  My husband’s favorite is with ham and cheese or maybe black beans and feta cheese.  There are also other options like chicken salad and avocado.  However, it does not matter how he is eating this little sandwich, his favorite way is with a drizzle of this chili lime sauce.  He says it gives the arepas the perfect flavor and a bit of creaminess.

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