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Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

– This is a great recipe for feeding a lot of folks, or for feeding a few and having left-overs. The celery gives some crunch, and the bread crumbs and cheese browned on top adds a ton of flavor. Enjoy!!
– We made this tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it! I had to add the cheese into the mix (so it would melt) because my one daughter doesn’t like cheese (I KNOW, WHO DOESN’T LIKE CHEESE!). It was delicious. My other daughter doesn’t eat meat; so I mixed up all of the ingredients (without the chicken); scooped out several servings for her; and then added the chicken and finished it off as your directions stated.
– Thanks Steve for noticing about the Panko, I have made other recipes without too. If I’am no mistaken I think you can use cornmeal or starch in place if Panko. Of course at 55 your memory goes after your sight so I really do not think it will be of much difference but I’m going to try this & will report back after I have made & tried it!!!! You have a good weekend.

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