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Chicken Pot Pie Crescent Braid

With buttery, flaky dough on top and savory simmering chicken and veggies beneath, it’s no wonder that Chicken Pot Pie is a comfort classic in homes everywhere. But it does take some time to prepare, which means that it doesn’t make it onto our kitchen table as often as we’d like. Sometimes a little refrigerated tube of dough is just the shortcut you need to get dinner on the table quickly, and with this recipe you get all of the classic Chicken Pot Pie flavor and more!

The braided slice and serve style of this Chicken Pot Pie makes it a family favorite that’s really fun to serve. We’ve taken the liberty of a few shortcuts here: a tube of crescent roll dough, frozen mixed veggies, some prepared cream of chicken soup, and a little bit of cream cheese to round out the sauce. Those shortcuts mean that this fun meal is ready with little time and effort, which means you’ll be enjoying that soft and flaky dough and savory chicken in no time at all!

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