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Chicken Alfredo

This semi-homemade recipe is quick, easy, and guaranteed to please. I came up with this when in a hurry one night for a fast meal for the family.
-Hello everyone. This semi-homemade Chicken Alfredo recipe is very good. I added peas to it and did not use a jarred pasta sauce but made my own with no mozzarella. Everyone has a favorite way of making something their own, and just because someone uses time-saving ways to cook does not mean they are cheating, as there is no right or wrong. I just prefer to make something from scratch, but, only because I had the extra time. I often get everything ready the night before and either use a crock pot or I come home and use my electric pressure cooker and it is just as delicious either way, only I cook the chicken the night before and refrigerate it when I use the crock pot. Let’s choose to be supportive, okay? Great recipe!!
-Definition of Recipe: A set of instructions for making something from various ingredients. It does not indicate that using already prepared ingredients is not really a recipe. It is an intelligent way to enhance a recipe with less work.
-I feel really sad about all the nasty comments about this dish. It sounds really good and is a quick fix dinner! I will be making it! You do deserve the blue ribbon, in spite of all the nasty remarks. I wonder if all you people ever use anything out of a box or can?????? Gee, then it’s not home made is it. just stop and enjoy!

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