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Cheesy Mashed Potato Bake

I did this instead of making individual potato cakes and frying them. Trying to get away from frying. You can add any combination of cheeses you like.
– Wow what a great recipe …. One of my grandsons , hates potatoes . I plan on trying it and renaming it in our house too, Cheesey Bake ! One word about potatoes of any kind and he’d never eat it !!!
Thanks for a wonderful idea, Congrats on the Blueribbon !
Also Mexican Cheese is a great cheese !
– I made this delicious and easy dish a couple of nights ago. I tweaked it a bit as we don’t get mexican cheeses here so I had to improvise with the various cheeses I had. Also added a small onion chopped and a bit of garlic. I sprayed the bottom of my glass dish with some olive oil and then added some bread crumbs before adding the mashed potato mixture. The bread crumbs made a nice crusty base. The whole family liked it so much they asked when will I make it again. Thanks for sharing your great idea.

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