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Cheesy Garlic Dip

Okay, when we say this cheesy garlic dip is addictive we are not kidding around. More than once after completely stuffing our faces with cheesy goodness we had picked up a chip and then had to put it back down and back away. We may have even asked our loved ones to tell us to stay away from the dip – it’s just that good. Packed with three different types of cheese, sour cream, mayo (a creamy necessity that adds flavor and smoothness), and tons of other ingredients that help the overall dish pack a huge punch flavor-wise, this is a dip that’ll have people begging you for the recipe for weeks to come.
Cheesy Garlic Dip Horizontal 1Cheesy Garlic Dip Horizontal 4 While you might look at it and think it’s just another run-of-the-mill dip that’s filled to bursting with cheese – in a way, you’d be right – but really it’s so much more than that, since it’s so stuffed with garlic and onion, which take it from being just another cheese dip to being something that’s out of this world. Whether it’s for the Super Bowl or for a night in with your friends, this dip is always a good choice…just make sure you’ve got a plan in place for that moment when you realize you physically can’t stop yourself from digging into it. Which will happen. It’s inevitable

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