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Check All Your Old VHS Tapes Stashed Away, If You Have Any Of These You’ll Be $6,000 Richer

Earn Money From Your Old VHS Tapes!

Recent reports state that these old VHS tapes can be worth a fortune. If you have kept some of your Disney tapes, then it’s time to dig them up and check to see if they are some of the rare editions that might be worth dollars. These rare VHS tapes can range from $1,000 to $10,000. A very impressive amount for classic movies.

One of the most sought-after tapes is an edition of Beauty and the Beast and it was sold on eBay for as much as $9,000. Many are wondering why these old movies are selling for a huge amount of money.

One answer: Collectors.

These collectors value your Disney VHS tapes depending on its defects or the alternate artwork. The limited editions are priced higher and collectors are willing to pay a huge amount of money for that. One important feature that you should look for in your old VHS tape is the black diamond and one of the cases that reads “The Classics” and it means that this is a special edition which can bring up the tape’s worth to $250.

If your tape has a Walt Disney signature beside the black diamond, then you might be lucky because this is the kind of tape that can sell for thousands of dollars.

A copy of The Little Mermaid was purchased by a collector for $6,000 because Disney banned to artwork that you can find on the front cover so the artwork was done again because the palace turrets were inappropriate. Also, if you still have one of those rare Beauty and the Beast classics that has the song “Human Again,” this can cost a fortune because this song was later cut from the recent editions of the movie and the VHS that has this song is one of the earliest versions of the collectors’ items.

You may come from the recent generation of millennials, or maybe someone older who got to experience the magic as soon as you insert that VHS tape on the player, but anyone who has the rare Disney movie collections can learn money from these precious classics. Check your boxes of VHS tapes and see if you have a rare Disney movie that you can sell to collectors who would be willing to pay a huge chunk of money.