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Build a Privacy Screen for Your Utility Boxes

Are your utility boxes/meters visible on the side of your house? Have you built a ‘privacy’ screen or box for them? Our utility boxes and gas meter are on the West side of our house. Do we go over there a lot? No. Do I like the look of them? No. I’m not even sure if they are very visible to the drivers who pass by on their way down the street. But, I do see them when I am mowing or pulling weeds and they bug me.

build a privacy screen for your utility boxes

Utility boxes

So, I decided to start with the utility boxes and attempt to cover them up with a privacy screen. Hubby asked what I was doing and when I told him, he simply asked “Why?” To which I answered “Because.” Like with many projects, this one was simply a ‘want’ to, not a ‘have’ to. And, like with many of the projects I do around the house, I had some of the supplies on hand which would keep down the cost. Since I didn’t quite know if the privacy screen would even work, having a low $ outlay was a good thing. The cost for this screen was $26. If you don’t have some of the supplies on hand, this project will cost more.

The supplies I had were the **lattice, trim, screws, glue, paint and tools. I did not add in the cost of the vines since those are optional.

**If you are buying lattice for this project, I would suggest choosing the style that has smaller holes. Since I already had this lattice on hand, I used it even though the holes are a bit large.

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