This is my version because I like spicy 🙂
This is *amazing* it made even me appear to be a great cook! I shared it on facebook, and several others are singing its praises! I did add bell pepper and onion. Thank you SO much for sharing this!
-This dish was great- the ultimate comfort food! I would add more broccoli than the recipe called for however ( I did extra broccoli and cauliflower and still thought it needed more) I also added some siracha hot sauce when it was done and the flavors went perfectly! so good.
-Looks delicious! I think I will try it but leave out the ro-tel and add diced chicken to make it a meal and cut down on the heart burn! =)
-Can not wait to spring this recipe on the family!!!!! They’re gonna LOVE IT!!!!! :):):) (you made my night finding this recipe, I love surprising them, and this dish has all things they enjoy ALOT!!!) Thanks for the post!
-This dish is so YUMMY!! The melted cheese on top brings the whole recipe together and we all enjoyed it. In fact, once everyone got a taste of this no one cared about the other things I had prepared for the meal 🙂 The different textures were great!!! Spicy, fresh and satisfying.

TIP: Try it with diced chicken for a complete meal!

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