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Bring on the yardwork- Part 1, Installing a Paver Patio

My husband and I have a dirty little secret.  While the inside of our house can usually be found neat and polished, our yard has been a raging disaster since we moved in two and half years ago.  We both have never enjoyed yard work and we just couldn’t find the motivation for starting the job.  But a few weeks ago we had a yardwork revelation and began tackling the not-so-small project.

This is certainly a phased project which will consist of:

  • Landscaping the front of the house
  • Re-seeding the lawn in the front and back
  • Installing a patio in the backyard
  • Removing several trees that are growing over our power lines
  • Landscaping the backyard
  • Over 200 bags (yes that is correct) of mulch to help cover the shady areas where our grass won’t grow.

We started the project Easter weekend by installing a patio.  We had been to Home Depot and Lowes and weren’t happy with the paver selection so luckily I came across some beautiful pavers on Craigslist for a few bucks a pop.  Scott and his dad spent a day driving carloads of them back from Lees Summit while we prepped the area for the patio. We had crushed gravel laid a couple summers ago so our prep work consisted of pulling weeds, removing debris, leveling out the surface and laying lawn fabric down over the area.

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