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Breakfast Egg Crowns

This low calorie, high fiber, high protein breakfast will keep you full for hours.
-Since we’re all cooks reading this site, I am assuming the frozen spinach is thawed. I read so many recipes these days that say “thawed and squeezed.” So when I saw a recipe recently that said frozen spinach, I quickly realized that you cannot do much with frozen spinach in a box!! (:
Thanks for posting though and congrats on a blue ribbon. I’m always anxious to try healthy recipes — and I echo everyone else: I love the many possibilities of meat, veggie, and cheese combinations with this recipe! I cannot wait to try it out.
-I really like that you have good flavor, but healthy, and filling too!
Thank you for a great recipe, I can’t wait to try! I’ve read all the comments & found them helpful!
I cook with what I have, but try to stick to the spirit of the recipe as best as I can. (Like, I might fine dice some chicken breast/ham I cook myself instead of deli sliced chicken, but the end result stays close to the same….)
Your multi-answer to all the questions was delightful, and I’m sure the one lady was just frustrated. I too would find it helpful to know how many inches in diameter the tortilla is, but from the way it was cut into 1/4’s & then cut to make a crown, I would imagine the large size you spoke of is about 10-12 inches.
I love this website for sharing recipes ideas from around the world, cooking is like a science experiment, if something seems off when you make it, or if you hate or are allergic to an ingredient, adjust it to your taste, no one will know!

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