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Blackberry Cream Cheese Roll

This week has been jam packed with all kinds of amazing recipes to make for Mother’s Day brunch or breakfast! This next recipe is no exception. Because I love bread and sweet rolls this recipe for Blackberry Cream Cheese Sweet Rolls are amazing!


You need to plan a little time to make this recipe but it is a total winner. From the tender dough to the creamy goodness of the filling there is nothing you wont like about these sweet rolls.


I put the frosting in a piping bag just so it would not be as messy but using a spoon to drizzle it on the top of the rolls is just as effective!


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The fun thing about these rolls is you can change the jam you use. If you like strawberry then use strawberry, if you like orange marmalade use the marmalade. I want to make an apricot version I think that would be amazing!


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