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Best Garlic Bread

This easy homemade BEST garlic bread recipe has fresh herbs, tons of flavorful roasted garlic, and is perfectly toasted. This garlic bread is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! 

A few years ago Tony and I started making homemade garlic bread to go with my favorite turkey meatballs.

Of course a classic, easy spaghetti and meatballs dinner needs garlic bread for dipping so I went on a quest which involved several loaves of bread, chopped garlic, real butter and herbs. It also involved a few stomach aches (heym I’m human and sometimes you can’t stop at one slice)!

But alas, we landed on a delightful, mouth watering garlic bread recipe that I can’t stop making.

If you’re not familiar with my best of series, you’re about to be! It’s a series full of delicious, mouth-watering recipes that are truly *THE BEST*. I mean we’re talking insanely good worth the calories type of recipes! I don’t make them often, but when I do, it’s WORTH making them. Just trust me.

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