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Before & After Staircase Transformation

If you’re looking to update that 80s eyesore honey oak staircase, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration. This was a true labor of love and worth every minute spent updating our staircase.

before after staircase transformation, The After Transformation
The After Transformation

When we moved into our home, over 17 years ago, I fell in love with the shape of the staircase but hated the 80’s honey oak finish. I knew that one day I would take on the project of updating it but didn’t know that it would be 17 years later. Actually, about seven years ago, we made a slight update to the staircase spindles. The spindles used to be honey oak but we had them removed and added the wrought iron spindles. I have been able to live with it but still could not get past seeing orange all over my stairs and home. Fast forward to three weeks ago, when I decided to finally dive into this project. Initially I thought I’d just paint over the entire staircase but once I exposed the wood that was under all the orange stain, I knew that we would be staining instead of painting. I won’t lie, it was one of the most tedious and frustrating projects that I have taken on to date but I will say that I am so glad that we took it on and that it is finally completed. It truly was a labor of love and we love how it turned out and I was so grateful that my husband helped me so much. I’m also so very thankful that 2 of my closest friends came over to help me as well when I had questions.

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