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Beer Battered Onion Rings Better Than The Pub’s

The only thing that I like about the restaurant/bar down the road from my house is the food. The place isn’t somewhere that I would frequent, but you can’t beat the home style cooking.

The restaurant fills up every Friday and Saturday night with all the locals, mainly because it’s the only place to eat out, but also because they know how to cook a hamburger. I will often send my husband down there when I am craving some nice homemade onion rings.

Those have always been my favorite. That was the case until I discovered how to make my own at home. I fancy myself a pretty decent cook, so when I found this recipe on Group Recipes, I just knew I could make it happen.

The first time I took a crack at it, they didn’t look so hot, but they tasted great! The more I have practiced, the better they have gotten. Now I can make them better than the pub down the street so I can save my money and stay home!

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes. Photo credits go to wikiHow.

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Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.