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Bedroom Board And Batten Wall

Its always a good idea not to skip this process, the priming I know its a hassle but its so necessary when you go the all this work you want to do it right. I just took a couple of days and did priming and painting, was so happy when I could actually put the Cloud White paint on the wall and boards !

So here is the room finished now, we painted it Cloud White to go with the built ins as well in our bedroom. We purchased a new Bed frame from Ikea. We did this room on a budget the wall was about $75 to do plus time .

I am so pleased with the outcome of it. I may get an area rug at the end of the bed and I have a Goodwill chandelier to spray paint next which will take the place of a ceiling fan.

A few props added to take photos fresh flowers and a tray.

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