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Chocolate, caramel and nuts…that’s what I’m talking about! These will melt in you mouth. These are a little time consuming but well worth the effort. I like these better than turtles because the caramel doesn’t stick to your teeth. I think it’s because the caramel is mixed with the sweetened condensed milk. It’s so creamy inside the chocolate and it’s hard to quit eating them. WARNING: very addictive!
-they say we are going to get some snow here in Okla. but i wouldn’t count on it.
I’m sure your doughtier will enjoy the treat you are bringing her, but will love seeing you most of all .
Have a good vacation and Godspeed.
-Bea? or anyone else that is here have you ever made these without using the bark? can you coat the drops of caramel with regular chocolate chips? I was going to buy the bark but then I read ” flavored with chocolate ” so I was concerned about the taste

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