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Beadboard Entryway Wall

Beadboard (a type of wainscoting) definitely made it’s debut in the 80s but I think it’s here to stay! In 2020 it’s showing up in pale, coastal neutrals and deep, moody colors to make a timeless statement no matter what your style is. What’s better than a timeless way to make your entryway more functional?? Doing it yourself and for less than $50!! This was a quick afternoon project that requires minimal materials (especially if you get the wood cut at your hardware store).

beadboard entryway wall

BeforeHere’s what my boring front door “entryway” looked like before this project! It’s not much of an entryway but I knew this little wall had potential and with a new pup at home, I wanted to created a space for his leash, our raincoats, and other necessities that we’re now quickly grabbing as we head out the door.

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