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Barge Pie

If you love peanut butter cups, you’ll love this layered peanut butter cream and chocolate dessert!

I got this recipe from a Facebook friend who’s always posting great things. This was something I knew immediately I would like.

The origin of the recipe and the name is unclear. I don’t know what a barge has to do with anything here, but as they say, “What’s in a name?”

The recipe only sounds fussy because of the layers. However, one layer is pure whipped topping, another is instant pudding so really the only one with remotely any work is the cream cheese layer, but all that is is tossing the ingredients in a bowl and beating with an electric mixer, so it’s not back-breaking work in any way!

My friend’s recipe called for creamy peanut butter, but I used a honey roasted chunky variety. What you use is up to you and what you have (or have open).

The original recipe called for graham cracker crumbs. I wanted more peanutty taste so I used peanut butter sandwich cookies. A great choice! Tasted wonderful.

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