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Banana Split Cheesecake

A good ol’ banana split sundae is a fond childhood memory, mainly because it was always reserved for a special occasion or as an extra special treat. That combination of ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, chocolate, and sprinkles was just about as magical as a dessert could get. We still love a good banana split sundae and will indulge in the treat from time to time, so we played around with the recipe and came up with one that fuses two of our favorite sweet treats: a banana split sundae AND cheesecake.

This dessert brings us back to childhood because it has all of those classic banana split toppings: bananas, whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, even pineapples and of course a maraschino cherry on top. Instead of ice cream, we have cream cheese and boy oh boy is it rich and delicious. Our kiddos went bananas for it (sorry, just couldn’t resist)! A premade pie crust and little patience are the last ingredients needed. Patience because this does need to spend some time in both the oven and refrigerator in order to get extra delicious.

A banana split cheesecake is an extra fancy and fun twist on two of our favorite classic desserts. Here’s what we have: creamy and sweet cream cheese paired with bananas, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles and of course a cherry on top. This is a super fun dessert to serve for a special occasion or any time you feel like tasting a little bit of nostalgia. It not only looks amazing but of course it tastes delicious, and who could ask for more. We definitely eat, in part, with our eyes, and this looks good enough to eat!

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