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Arthritis and other joint-pain treatments from around the world

One in five American adults over the age of eighteen suffer from arthritis, reports the Arthritis Foundation.

By 2040, an estimated 78 million people will be diagnosed by a doctor with arthritis.
According to Mayo Clinic, common treatments for arthritis and other joint ailments include over the counter painkillers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen, creams and ointments containing menthol or capsaicin, and other drugs that require a prescription, such as corticosteroids and DMARDs that prevent the immune system from attacking the joints.
When choosing a treatment for arthritis, it may be useful to consider home remedies from around the globe for arthritis and joint pain. Our favorites are below:
1. Black molasses. A typical British recipe for treating joint pain is drinking two teaspoons black molasses dissolved in water, tea or coffee. NatraCure explains the home remedy works because the thick, sweet substance is rich in minerals. One such mineral is copper, important for synthesizing collagen, a structural protein in the bones and joints.
2. Royal jelly. Available in most health food stores, this thick, creamy liquid secreted by worker bees is believed by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to treat joint pain, reports the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. The strategy has resonance around the globe. In fact, NatraCure says bee stings have been employed on the European continent since the time of Hippocrates more than 2000 years ago.
3. Devil’s claw tea. This flower, native to South Africa, has long been believed by indigenous communities to be an effective anti-inflammatory. According to NatraCure, devil’s claw is available as a tea in health stores worldwide.
4. Gin soaked raisins. This home remedy has medieval origins, when juniper berries were used to overpower the smell of death during the bubonic plague. NatraCure says that although there is no scientific evidence to date, some suppose the resveratrol in the raisins and the anti-inflammatory compounds in the gin work in consort to fight arthritis.
5. Onion tea. Healthline claims Eastern Europeans drink a concoction made from boiling a sliced onion in 1 1/2 cup water for 20 minutes to ease arthritis pain.
6. Thyme. Mediterranean communities consume anti-inflammatory thyme to alleviate joint pain. Healthline recommends adding the savory herb, fresh or dried, to fish, meat and vegetable dishes. You may also enjoy a tea made from steeping fresh thyme in boiling water.
7. Acupressure. The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine recommends applying pressure to the “Aspirin Point,” found between the Achilles tendon and the anklebone to provide relief from joint pain.
source : remedydaily.com