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amazing Wacky Cake

This recipe is from Joanne Fluke’s culinary mystery “Apple Turnover Murder”. There are a number of variations of this recipe on JAP but this is the one I made. It is a very moist, not overly sweet cake. The instructions have been simplified from the steps in Fluke’s book but the result was wonderful. Beginning bakers will love this recipe.
-I’ve been making this cake since I was in high school, 35 years. It’s the only chocolate cake I make. I have changed one thing over the years, I add 1 cup of cold coffee instead of water. It gives it a richer flavor. I may have to try the raspberry vinegar, that sounds yummy.
-I just made this today for my hubby. I used coffee instead of water, just fro experience we like that better- this is so easy to make. No fail for sure! Thanks everyone for all the comments on the history of your version of this cake- fun to read!
-Our family has been enjoying this cake for years. I remember baking this when I was 14 yrs old and I’m 61 now. We double the ingredients for a 9 x 12 pan, except for the salt. In fact, I just made it for my husband’s Birthday. He likes it with Buttercream Icing, the way his mother made it for him as a child. It always comes out perfect !!!!

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