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9 Types Of Pains That Are Directly Linked To Your Emotions

3. Shoulder pain.

Shoulder pains actually mean that what you are bearing on your shoulders are too much for you to handle alone. You can try to share your workload with others or get the help of others to solve the burden in your mind.

4. Upper back pain.

If your upper back is paining, that means you are worried about your worth and how loved you are. You need the emotional support from a person that you love who understands you. so, select a person who suits all your whims and fancies and you will see life getting changed.

5. Lower back pain.

This means that you are suffering from financial issues. You need to think about going for a financial planner or looking for some extra jobs that will give you a good income to clear all your problems.

6. Elbow pain.

If your elbows are paining, that means you are reluctant to make a change in your life and move on. You are firmly fixed in your little comfort bubble and this pain signals you that it is a high time for you to make a move in life.

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