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9 Signs You’re Overstressed And Don’t Know It

Apparently, every person loses about 100 hairs daily, but since stress changes the normal physiologic functions of the body, it also increases hair loss.
3. Impatience
Being stressed often makes you lose your temper, impatient, irritated and angry.
4. Insomnia
Stress is the main cause of all changes in the sleeping pattern, so if you cannot sleep well or remain asleep, try to find something to calm you at bedtime, in order to prevent serious health issues.
5. Weight gain
Stress often causes weight variations, as it leads to appetite loss and losing weight, but it also slows metabolism and causes weight gain.
6. Physical pain
Stress leads to malfunctioning of the body and causes tense muscles, palpitation, ulcers, diarrhea, stomach problems, or chest pain. Moreover, it is often the reason behind your headaches, pain in the body, and even severe arthritis.
7. Low libido
Stress reduces the number of hormones for sexual activity and thus leads to low libido, impotence, and exhaustion.

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