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8 Early Signs Of Stroke You Should Never Take Lightly

This is all you need to know about the early signs of strokes:

  1. Facial Drooping

The facial changes are obvious, as the face is sagging and dropping on one side. Yet, the area is numb, so you might not feel anything. An easy way to check the state is to smile or to ask the other person to smile, and if it is impossible, you should immediately ask for help.

  1. Numbness Or Paralysis On One Side

The numbness or weakness on one side of the face is the beginning of a stroke. You need to act on time, as the paralysis might have lasting effects.

  1. Garbled Or Slurred Speech, Or No Speech At All

Stroke might be the reason why someone cannot speak at all or sounds slurry and gibberish.

  1. Difficulty Raising Arms

If you cannot raise the arms and keep them parallel to the ground and extended in front of you, it might be a sign of a stroke.

  1. Confusion

Another sign of a stroke is the sudden confusion and difficulty following a conversation.

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