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7 of the most brilliant cleaning tips

4. Cleaning your bathroom with a grapefruit
There all kinds of fancy, expensive cleaning products out there that contain a ton of chemicals. But why use those when you can just as easily use a grapefruit to clean your bathroom? It sounds weird, but it works great and that’s all that matters!

5. Bright white laundry thanks to some aspirin
Are your white clothes not staying perfectly white, despite all the special laundry detergents you’re using? We’ve got a solution for you! With the help of some aspirin, you can bring your white clothes back to their perfect self again!

6. Streak-free mirrors thanks to gin
Cleaning mirrors can be difficult because it’s so easy to see any streaks that are left behind. Luckily, this problem is easily solved with the help of a bit of gin!

7. Unclog your shower drain
Cleaning your shower drain can be even grosser than cleaning the toilet. Immediately going at it with all kinds of chemical cleaning products isn’t ideal. Did you know you can easily unclog the shower drain with some baking soda and vinegar?