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6 Dryer Sheet Hacks; The Secret to Effortless Cleaning

The humble dryer sheet can do so much more than just soften and scent our clothes. These versatile laundry supplies have many other uses around the home, and today I’m going to share some clever dryer sheet hacks to keep your house clean and fresh.

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Grab a box with your favorite scent and let’s use them to invigorate your living space.

1. Freshen Furniture and Linens

You can extend the life of your dryer sheets by using them to maintain a pleasant and clean scent on your furniture and linens.

Placing a dryer sheet in between the couch cushions


Place a dryer sheet between the cushions of your couch and push it down until it’s out of sight. The fragrance of the dryer sheet will be released slowly over time, providing a subtle and refreshing scent to the room.

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Placing a dryer sheet between linen before storing them in the closet


You can also use dryer sheets to freshen up your linens by placing one in the middle of your folded sheets before storing them in a pillowcase. You’ll be able to keep your sheets together and your bed will smell great when you make it.


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