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5 Amazing Things You Can Do With a Wood Burning Tool

Woodburning is a true craft requiring both dedication and whimsy, but unlike most crafts, the pieces you create last a long time. Customize your home with amazing woodburned decor pieces and functional items, or make someone a special gift. It’s simple – just carefully trace over your desired design with the woodburner tool on any wooden piece, and voila: results you will absolutely love.

Whether you’re an experienced pyrographer or just looking for a new hobby, this Walnut Hollow woodburner pen is the thing for you. This green device is ideal for beginner, intermediate, or advanced users as a first tool or as a spare one to keep handy.

wood burning tool

This woodburner pen has a long cord with an on/off switch for ease-of-use, and it comes with a tool stand and four different screw-in points to get you started.


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