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15 Slow Cooker Hacks For Every Household

Slow Cooker Hacks Every Busy Family Should Do

Slow Cooker Recipes

Almost all slow cooker recipes require putting all the ingredients inside and forgetting about it. How cool is that?

But, did you know there is so much more you can do with your Kitchen Aid slow cooker?

Yes, you heard it right! This list will open your eyes to what cool life hacks you can use your slow cooker for!

Check out these awesome recipes you should try right now!

1. DIY Crockpot Candles

There are plenty of good reasons why you should start using your slow cooker for your dinner meals. But, do you know you can use your trusty slow cooker to make other things, too?

Take this idea from Hello Glow, for example.

Who would’ve thought you’ll be able to make candles right at home using even cheap crockpots? You don’t have to run to the store every time you need candles!

2. Slow Cooker Lotion Bars

Do you ever experience having dry skin during winter? Here’s a slow cooker hack from Simply Darrling to help you with that.

Keep a few of these lotion bars at different corners of your house so you can moisturize your skin when you need to. These are quite solid when left alone, but they slowly melt once exposed to your body heat.

Lotion Bar Definition: A type of lotion in a solid form that looks like bar soap. It is used for moisturizing dry skin and not utilized for shower or bath.

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