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10 best dusting tips for your home

2. Dust on your own schedule
If family members suffer from allergies, you may need to dust more often. But, The Spruce, recommends dusting furniture and electronics once a week (to keep them running better). Out of sight places (like door frames and the tops of picture frames) may only need a dust once a month or so.
3. Use fabric softener on your TV
Add a little time between dustings by using dryer sheets instead of a cloth. The sheets reduce static cling (like it does for your clothes) and make it a little tougher for the dust to stick. (Get the same results by dipping a cloth with liquid fabric softener and wiping on the TV screens).
4. Give your air vents a thorough buff
After removing the vents, wash them with soap and water. After thoroughly drying them, use a bit of car wax coat the entire air vent. Make sure to buff it off before reattaching the air vent. The wax will make it easier to clean and keep dust from building up so quickly.
5. Paint with bread
Worried about ruining a painting? Snag a piece of old white bread and use it to gently remove dust from the painting. You can then use a soft paintbrush to remove the breadcrumbs, The Brick House recommends.