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1 Teaspoon of This Mixture in Your Coffee Can Help You in Losing Weight

If you’re already on a mission of losing weight with proper diet and exercise, consider adding this mixture to your coffee every day and lose weight quickly!
While exercise, weight loss pills, and dieting are the most popular ways of losing weight, this simple trick will get you losing those extra pounds hassle-free. A mixture of coconut oil, cinnamon, and honey added to your daily cup of coffee creates a powerful weight loss boost.
Here’s how:
Unlike processed sugars, honey contains nutrients such as minerals, proteins, water, vitamins, fiber and energy which aid in dissolving fats and cholesterol. Fats remain in unused form thus adding weight and bulk to the body. Honey helps immobilize the stored fat thus leading to weight loss. Consumption of high amounts of refined sugar results in weight gains not only because of the lack of vitamins and minerals but for extra calories consumed. Honey being a good source of nutrients balances this effect.
Cinnamon is known for its culinary and medicinal properties. It comes loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties that help fight infections as well as anti-bacterial characteristics that combat the harmful bacteria in the stomach that lead to weight gain.
Elevated blood sugar levels result in increased fat storage in the body; cinnamon aids in reducing the blood sugar levels thus reducing weight. When combined with a tablespoon of honey in coffee, the mixture makes a powerful weight boost to your weight loss problems. Most folks report positive results from regular consumption of the mix.

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