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Whiten Yellowed Pillows Without Bleach

One thing that has always bugged me is how pillows tend to start yellowing over time. I always was slightly embarrassed when changing my sheets because I thought, “Ummmm I haven’t peed the bed since I was a small child, why in the world are my pillows yellow?! Andthey are in pillow cases!” After a little research, I discovered that all pillows yellow overtime because of body temperature (ya learn somethin’ new everyday, huh?!)—needless to say, I was very pleased to discover that it happens to everyone, not just me. Regardless, I usually buy new pillows every few years but some I just can’t part with (including this flat pillow that is the perfect fluff for Bo and his little head) so instead of being grossed out every time I changed his sheets, I decided to try washing the pillow as well in order to get the yellow out and it was surprisingly easy!
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whiten yellowed pillows without bleach

Bo’s pillow (which we’ve had for a while…even before he was born), was looking a bit yucky before but I didn’t want to throw it out because it was just flat enough for him.

whiten yellowed pillows without bleach


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