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Upcycled Cork Board

Let’s make a multi-functional cork board, out of wine corks! This stylish, upcycled corkboard is perfect to tack your reminders and hang up your keys. Let’s get into the supplies you’ll need to make this cork board.

upcycled cork board
  • Circle wood board (can use any shape base here! I got this base from the Dollar Tree)
  • Paint: I used Gold spray paint (you can also use acrylic paint! I almost use the ones pictured about but went a different direction)
  • Hot Glue
  • Wine Corks: I used ~155 wine corks for my size cork board. Amount of corks will vary based on your board size and corks. (Note: I used the full size corks for this board, but you can also cut the corks in half!)
  • Thick twine or rope (Twine pictured is from the Dollar Tree)
  • Hooks (optional)


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