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Turkish Flat Bread

This delicious, pillowy soft Turkish Flatbread is an easy, one-bowl-no-mixer recipe. It’s perfect with hummus, tabouli, for wraps and so much more!

If you think you have to have a bit of Middle Eastern heritage to make great Turkish Flatbread, think again! This recipe comes together quickly, without a mixer and minimal kneading and rising. These delicious, tender, pita-type flatbreads are cooked in a pan on the stovetop in minutes.

Flatbread has become popular restaurant and grocery store fare in recent years, but it’s definitely not a new invention. Rather, it has a long history, originating in ancient Egypt. Over the years, many other cultures, including India, Armenia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Afganistan, and Turkey have come up with their own version of flatbread, each one having slightly different characteristics. What’s really fascinating, is that some countries, like Turkey, have numerous types of flatbread, each region of the country having its own distinct version.

In Turkey, flatbread is a staple and there are shops that exclusively sell this simple, delicious type of bread. The variety is staggering. I’ve read about Pide, Lahmacun, Gözleme, Yufka, Lahmacun, and Bazlama, to name a few. The main differences are in the shape, toppings and cooking methods.

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