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Three Sisters Pie

When I saw the name of this recipe, I knew I had to try it. When I saw this it made me think of the 3 mountains in central Oregon called the three sisters. Plus, this pie has my favorite berries in it, so I knew it would be good.
– thanks for the information on the books~ I just finished the three sisters trilogy and loved them…on to the others that you have recommended…also thanks for the tip on keeping the bottom crust crispy…I made this pie last weekend for company it tasted wonderful however the bottom crust was somewhat soggy!
-To all My new JAP friends:
My mom had a trick that Ive always used to keep the bottom of my pies “crisp”. We sprinkle a very small amt of sugar on the bottom layer of the pie crust, totally covering it before we carefully pour the berry or pumpkin filling in etc.
Then we “shock” bake it for the first 15 min at the higher temp(425), (just a little lower in temp than you do) before turning it down to either 350 or 375 (depending on whether Im baking a berry pie or homemade pumpkin pie from my halloween pumpkins 🙂
This causes the sugar to melt quickly and make a crisp “sugar barrier” between the juices and the bottom crust, it really works!
Everyone always asks me how I keep the bottom of my pie crusts so crunchy and why they dont get soggy after a day or so! It works for all my pies. I tell my friends its the extra “sugar”(love) I sprinkle on them 🙂
Just a little family secret I thought I’d share with my new JAP friends 🙂 If you try it let me know if your family notices the difference. I know i can always tell which pies I’ve accidently forgotten to do this with in my rush to get all the holiday baking done.
Hope it makes a difference in your pie baking experiences like it has mine.

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