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This Strawberry Cake Is Stinkin’ GREAT!

I love hearing food stories from anyone. I am a sucker for stories since I am a writer. Anything that involves a story, whether it’s a simple doughnut recipe or a complicated cake recipe, I will love to hear it. There’s nothing more that makes me happy other than stories told by different types of people. My favorites are Mom’s childhood stories because Grandma was hilarious as a Mother. And it’s a bit amazing to hear stories about your Mom experiencing what you’re experiencing. Mom told us once that Grandma always made cakes for every occasion.

It’s her way of showing how much she cared because Grandma was not the affectionate type. Even to her own husband, she was never that showy with her feelings.

Usually, it’s easy to know how much she loved you. She would labor night and day to cook a feast for you the next day. I think it’s the reason why every time we visited her and Grandpa before, there was always a feast waiting for us.
I read it from a book before that strawberry cakes are the perfect cakes for celebrating birthdays or any milestone in your life. Strawberries represent something similar to a new beginning, a fresh take on life. This is the reason why the freshest strawberries are always put on cakes for occasions. Of course you can use any type of berries for this recipe if you want. You can experiment with this based on your preferences. I tried making this cake using raspberries before and it still tastes great.

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